Breakfast of champions

vegan / dairy yoghurt 100g, cereals 40g, seasonal fruits 30g, honey 30g, plain expaded rice, sweet expanded rice

Omelette Childhood Memories

eggs, mix 80g (romanian cheese, bacon), pickles, homemade bun 100g

RedEye Egg

eggs, bacon, salty cheese, tomatoes 100g, mix salad 50g, homemade bun 10g

Romanian french toast

bread 100g, milk 60ml, eggs, maple syrup + whip cream + M&M / parmesan cheese

Panini Barrique

homemade buns 200g, bacon, cream cheese, tenderloin, cheese cheddar, green salad, fresh cucumber

Potatoes tortilla

potatoes 100g, eggs, mix salad 50g, salty cheese 30g, spicy sauce

The breakfast includes 2 drinks of choice: coffee, tea or juice

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